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From childhood onwards we are taught a great deal that is wrong about the psychology of animals. In fables, fairy-tales, and stories describing animal life and behavior we are often presented with living beings that think, understand human speech and perform moral or immoral acts. If we adopt these anthropomorphic views we shall be at a disadvantage whenever we try to train animals of any kind, but particularly when we are dealing with dogs.

The dog most closely resembles man in his emotional and instinctive reflexes. He is capable of showing his emotions very eloquently and his manner of expressing his feelings is clearly reflected in our own.

It is responses of this kind that largely account for our deep affection for dogs. We are so impressed by the acuteness of such senses as those of scent and hearing, and with the capacity to learn, that we are prone to assume that a dog’s mental equipment approximates our own. We credit him with capacity for thought and with an understanding of human behavior and morality. By introducing the dog into a world, which is, in reality, forever closed to him, we prevent ourselves from recognizing the unbridgeable mental gap that exists between man and dog.

"We believe there is a need to provide a unique and individualized program of training for many exceptional dogs who find themselves at odds with their owners due to lack of formal obedience training." Blue Ribbon Kennel’s goal is to help each dog function at his highest level of achievement. Success must replace the dogs’ sense of failure.

"Our staff is deeply committed to what we call the animal behavioral approach to learning, a concept that prepares the dog for living with humans by encouraging them to obey our commands upon request. Dogs are taught how to listen for a command and not pay attention to other distractions in the environment around them. By doing so they will be happier, and will seek out what is desired of them."

"We believe that Blue Ribbon Kennel’s approach to the learning process produces sound emotional health on the part of the dogs. Through individualized training, we give major attention to each dog’s adjustment and personal growth. Like Colonel Konrad Most, we believe that 'we can save ourselves much disappointment and ensure the dog’s more rapid and cheerful response but allowing him to learn in the canine way' Blue Ribbon Kennels seeks to provide training suited both to the emotional and the instinctive life of the animal. This is what dog training is all about.

- John and Carol Kabbes