Training Policies and Procedures

  • We train a minimum of 5 days per week, in most all weather, making exceptions for extreme conditions. Saturday mourning visits or sessions are by appointment only. No business of any kind is conducted on Sundays (except pick-up and drop off). This is time set aside for family. We, kindly, ask that you respect this request.
  • All visitors, sessions, drop-offs, and pick-ups are by appointment only and at mutually convenient times as available. Due to the nature of our business, we do not keep normal business. We do not keep normal business hours. Unannounced or drop by visits of any kind are not allowed. We keep very tight daily training schedules and appointments. Unannounced visits will disrupt these scheduled activities and our personal schedules as well.
  • We discourage visits early in training as this can disrupt the dog’s adjustment and progress. Social visits ("we just want to come by and pet Fido") are strongly discouraged due to the tight restrictions our daily training places on our schedules.
  • We encourage you to check on your dog’s progress on a bi-weekly basis. We can give a better progress report on a bi-weekly basis. We encourage owners to come, view their dog work, and learn about the training process.
  • Dogs being shipped home must go C.O.D. or the shipping costs must be paid in advance along with your training bill before shipment. Shipping dates are subject to constraints by weather and our prior commitments.
  • All clients are required to complete a Client Dog Information Sheet.
  • Items required at time of drop-off or pick-up:
    • Record of current vaccinations
    • Proof of current bordatella vaccination (within the last six months)
    • Provide heartworm prevention
    • Any required medication
    • Any requested dog food

Please keep in mind that not all dogs learn at the same rate, so your dog may take more or less time depending on it’s working attitude, desire, age trainability, etc.